Christian le blanc and greg rikaart dating rules for dating a jewish man

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Christian le blanc and greg rikaart dating

So, that doesn’t really help us piece together the details of Kevin’s return to the soap opera, does it?

It feels the same in that he's in the same skin, he's the same person he's always been.There’s no word yet on when he’ll officially reprise the role on-screen, but it’s a good bet it’ll be sometime in September, considering “Y&R” typically films 4-6 weeks ahead of air.Rikaart completed filming as a contract player in June.“BROTHERS ARE THE BEST PEOPLE!The script revealed that Kevin’s first episode is Wednesday, June 19.But the script didn’t give us any more real information about Kevin’s returning storyline.

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But it's all about to get even better: Elizabeth Hendrickson just announced that she has reprised the role of Kevin's flame, Chloe -- which is just the ultimate cherry on top of what has already been a delightful, indulgent GC sundae. So, it's been a very busy summer so far, but a very fun one. Kevin and Phyllis are hysterical on-screen together, so what has it been like on your end, working with Michelle again?

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