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A variety of features make Chat Able accessible to low vision and blind users also- Chat Able gives the user auditory feedback- it will name each button out loud as it is touched or selected via scanning.Aside from auditory feedback and scanning, large 1x1 cells that take up a good part of the screen can be made; editng/customization options allow for a variety of colors, fonts, and font sizes. A unique option that offers those with stronger handwriting skills a fast way to communicate- the app will convert handwriting into words that the user can send to the sentence bar to speak/share.

To access this feature, go in to Settings (Gear Symbol), scroll down to Scene Settings, and select "None".

There is a search feature to pull up grid pages under the tab in the right hand corner of the screen To create visual scenes, Chat Able has the same step by step process with the four easy to understand icons at the top of the screen to guide you through each of the steps.

You can even embed media like songs from i Tunes or a video from your camera/camera roll into a hot spot.

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As you probably now, I’m developing a chat app that will be open source: You will be able to: Open a private chat with any user Create a chat room for users (which room can be protected by password or not) Make a helpdesk with conversations with support As I started the project, I would want to have a betatester team to report every bug, suggestion or improvement to make the development faster So, to join the betatester program just signup here: CLOSED I’m not going to make a very long post, as I think everything about the system has been already published in the upper topic Also, I would like to say that if there are no errors reported, in a week I will make a tutorial for how to integrate my system in your apps in a very simple way, using the examples of a support helpdesk or game chat rooms -- php My Admin SQL Dump -- version -- https:// -- Servidor: localhost -- Tiempo de generación: a las -- Versión del servidor: 5.5.50-Maria DB -- Versión de PHP: 5.4.16 SET SQL_MODE = "NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO"; SET time_zone = " "; /*!

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