Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana Sexy chatin mobile hinde

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Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana

Ghanaians are regarded as notoriously “churchical,” and church activities are organized and attended by many Ghanaians almost every day of the week.

A survey conducted by the Ghana Evangelism Committee on religions in Ghana in 2008 showed that 62 percent of Ghanaians are churchgoers.

Events in Africa, despite providing hope and mixed results, remind us that no matter the difference in the colour of our eyes, skin, religion, wealth and geography, we all yearn for liberty and equality, something more consequential and bigger than “big and strong men.” What are the possibilities of the contagion effect of the situation in some parts of Africa?

What policies can the Africa Union (AU) develop to respond to these situations?

This paper, using Nigeria as a case study, examines the challenges of democratic consolidation in Africa.

It will critically and objectively identify the problems and challenges of democratic consolidation in Africa and offer suggestions that will move Africa further along the path of constitutional democracy.

Citizens, on their part, must supplant the current culture that engenders apathy and disinterest in the democratic process.

Disaster may be avoided if African leaders and citizens make the right choices and decisions.

Consolidating democracy in Africa requires reciprocal commitments from both the leaders and the citizens to change their attitudes toward constitutional democracy.

The principal governance challenge facing Africa is how to enhance a self-­nourishing relationship between authority, accountability and responsibility.

This is important in reconstituting African politics from being a zero sum to a positive sum game, characterized by reciprocal behaviour and legitimate relations between the governors and the governed.

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