Cecilia mwangi dating dating a schizoid girl

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Cecilia mwangi dating

Also, money lying in the account does not make you successful, what does is what the money does for you. They were not officially married but Cecilia Mwangi and a married Danson Mungatana was an item, they even sired a daughter out of their love!Danson Mungatana, Cecilia Mwangi’s baby daddy and former MP Garsen is a well known womanizer and at one point was caught messing up with William Ole Ntimama’s daughter before he was dropped.Photo: Courtesy COMMUNICATION One of the reasons she cited for the break-up was a lack of communication between them in the last days of the relationship.There is nothing like a lot of it or a little of it.What stands out is what you achieve with what you have in hand.

Last week, former Miss Kenya, Cecilia Mwangi, spoke to the Star Newspaper to reveal Danson Mungatana and her were no longer an item much to the astonishment of many. Could she have been just a side dish and Mwanaisha is now happy that she’s out of her life?Also Read: The Co-Wife To K24’s Mwanaisha Chidzuga Dumps Her Ex Minister Hubby Danson Mungatana And now a fuming K24 Swahili anchor, Mwanaisha Chidzuga, has since come out to reveal she was never a co-wife to the former Miss Kenya.“Kindly note that I Mwanaisha Chidzuga was never a Co wife 2 one Cecilia Mwangi Pls stop dragging my name n tht of my family into thse madness.” Chidzuga tweeted. Chidzuga is married to the former Garsen MP, Danson Mungatana, who was dating Cecilia Mwangi for years and even sired a four year old daughter with her. We have also distributed millions of shoes to school-going children.It is shameful for children to walk barefooted to school while carrying a laptop.

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