Can carbon dating faked

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In their leading research, Jones and colleagues found that radioactive carbon dioxide produced from atomic bomb tests in the atmosphere absorbed by grapes can be used to accurately determine wine vintages.

The new technique is similar to radio-carbon dating, used for years to estimate the age of prehistoric objects.

Initially, 10 grams or more of material was required for this type of testing. This is important for paintings that dealers and collectors want to test, because lifting too much paint from a piece could damage or alter a painting.

Such a large discrepancy of date between the canvas of a painting and the actual paint is a major indicator that a work is a forgery.Along with other technical methods like x-ray fluorescence analysis and microscopy, this method may help uncover forgeries in the future.An important task, as 62% of online art buyers are concerned about forgeries.Such a large discrepancy of date between the canvas of a painting and the actual paint is a major indicator that a work is a forgery.  This new radiocarbon method differs from other technical ways of analyzing paintings, which usually rely on testing for specific chemicals like titanium to see if they match known paint compositions from the time that the piece was supposed to be painted.Smaller Samples Since the 1940s, radiocarbon dating has become more advanced, needing smaller and smaller samples of material to be tested.

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So if a canvas is newer than the date of in its signature or the period in which the artist was known to be painting, this would indicate a fake. A forger may get appropriately old canvases to use.

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