Brandon flowers dating charlize

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Brandon flowers dating charlize

You're always interested to see what Brandon Flowers is wearing: he's a bit of a fashion icon, and everything looks good on him. - Bono of U2, paraphrase of radio interview on Jo Wiley: "They are just Wow..what can i say, their name The Killers basically says it all...

Killer melodies, Killer hooks and style." Also, in a Q magazine article he said he would give the Pope a copy of Hot Fuss to demonstrate that rock music is not evil.

Blame that one destiny-changing night when I searched some tiny unknown band called The Killers on Google and stumbled upon this then-unofficial forum, which used to not be all private and membership-only... Anyway, it's one of my favorites because I see TK as something like my little child, which is strange, I know. And when I see other respected artists praising TK, I get this glowing feeling inside that must be how mothers feel when their children get praised by their teachers, you know? They're absolutely brilliant, and their lead singer is one of the sexiest men on the planet.Stephen Morris, drummer of New Order, later said it was just a rumor started by TK. 2005 - Stephen Morris, again drummer of New Order, in NME on TK getting their name from their music video for "Crystal": "From the shelter of his Audi, Stephen jokes that The Killers are 'our Frankensteinian creation.The trouble we had with names and they get a name and design concept straight out of the bag! No, I couldn't be arsed, good luck to them.'" Bernard Sumner, the singer of the band, said on VH1 Classic that of all the bands they have influenced, TK were their favorite.Recently, the glamour thing had kind of taken a dive - until The Killers came along. The Killers just aren't that kind of band." -Bono said Somebody Told Me was the best pop song of 2004.They're one of a very small number of bands that put effort into their stage performance and they way they look. Also in a Nov '04 interview he said predicted TK could be the next biggest/best band in the world.

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I'm turning this into such a crazy stan blog, but I'll compile mind-boggling amounts of quotes in one post if I want to, right? So there is this thread on TKC titled "What Are Other Artists Saying About the Killers? At least that's my goal, we'll see if I go through with it all the way. I've become increasingly aware that there is a whole TK fan base outside of TKC and they're not aware of the things that are only visible to members there, so I'm here to share the wealth. I'm on a never-ending (really, why the fuck has it not ended yet?

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