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Blackberry not updating unread marks

Between the increased key size and spacing over the KEYone and the addition of the Speed Key, Black Berry Mobile nailed the hardware side of the keyboard here.

On top of the comfortable typing experience offered, the keyboard has proven itself durable as well.

After all, if your primary communication device doesn't have the juice to let you communicate, it's not really of much use.

Over a year later, the Black Berry KEY2 is still a solid performer.

With the addition of Black Berry Radar on the Geotab Marketplace, fleets will have the added capability of accessing near real-time data on the status of their trailers, chassis or containers.

In addition to location visibility, Radar also provides a range of sensor data such as route and mileage, temperature, humidity, door open/close and cargo load state, within a single user-interface in the My Geotab platform.

Naturally, being a Black Berry, the keyboard has remained one of the highlights as well.

In our initial review, we noted that the KEY2 keyboard was one of the best Black Berry keyboards ever built and that remains true.

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