Black lesbian dating sites

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Through Find Femmes we aim to provide that community for lesbian and bisexual women; whether users identify as femme themselves and looking for other femmes, or to introduce women of any identity to femmes (butches, don’t be shy).

We like to see it as a place where women can finally meet, seek and be found.

Who is the type of person that needs the services your business offers and where do they shop, work out, read a magazine and/or eat brunch?

The same can be said for meeting a professional lesbian.

We are also known as Youtuber and blogger duo ‘Wegan’, and we put our lives online as a couple to fill the gap of lesbian role models and to show that you can be feminine and a lesbian.

Over the years, we would get a lot of questions from our followers asking us how can they meet a femme.

You can add homophobia to the mix, but that’s the only challenge I see that separates us from other black women.”“The only advantage I can think of,” writes Lez Intellect, “is being a lesbian allows me to look critically at black men (and men period) without the emotions straight black women experience.

I’m not looking to black men for understanding and/or affection.

You might find them at a cycling club, Cross Fit, boot camps, Sierra hiking clubs etc.Additionally, black lesbians deal with the unique challenges of being African-American women in LGBTQ communities, in a society which prefers to commodify identity.This is an era where elected officials like Florida Lt. Jennifer Carroll can make unthinking and hurtful comments about black lesbians.If you’re attracted to sporty women who play group sports on the weekends, you better find yourself a local recreational softball league and start hanging out at their games.Or, maybe you respond to more creative types, who own their own businesses. You don’t have to be creepy, just attend an event and say hello.

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We know the #struggle of dating and we ended up magically meeting due to My Space – some may call it fate or destiny.

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  1. We are a fun and alive couple that is looking to include a female or male in a three some. We are also looking for Couples to join in the fun and maybe even a wife swap.... We haven't done this alot and are fairly new to the swingers life style.