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And if you make the explicit offer to buy us food, so much the better.“I like keeping it light, but also practical.

Ask me something random, like ‘Hawaiian or pepperoni?

Sunday priorities: exercise, sleep, or aggressive mimosas? Chicago's top two lines are about '90s nostalgia (average of 58% higher likelihood of response): What '90s song would you use as the title of your autobiography? And weirdly, Boston was the ONE city where the standard "Hey, what's up?

Ask thoughtful questions based on actual facts she has presented about herself.It may seem like a low bar, but paying attention to detail goes a really long way.If she’s hiking with her best friend in one of her photos, tell her how fun the hike looked. It will help you in the long run.” —Jasmine, 29 She’s on a dating app and she doesn’t expect you to be a bleeding-heart emotional mess, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show vulnerability.Being able to shine through as a genuine, thoughtful person will make her feel at ease.“I respond to guys who are sincerely nice, not meaning ones who refer to themselves as nice. I like a guy who tells me details about his life and passions right away. Showing you’re not scared to open up about things in your life shows that you’re not a huge tool bag, but someone worth getting to know.

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