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Being accommodating definition

Kolb called this style 'diverging' because these people perform better in situations that require ideas-generation, for example, brainstorming.

People with a diverging learning style have broad cultural interests and like to gather information.

Much of Kolb’s theory is concerned with the learner’s internal cognitive processes.

Kolb states that learning involves the acquisition of abstract concepts that can be applied flexibly in a range of situations.

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Kolb's experiential learning theory works on two levels: a four-stage cycle of learning and four separate learning styles.For example, social environment, educational experiences, or the basic cognitive structure of the individual.Whatever influences the choice of style, the learning style preference itself is actually the product of two pairs of variables, or two separate 'choices' that we make, which Kolb presented as lines of an axis, each with 'conflicting' modes at either end: A typical presentation of Kolb's two continuums is that the east-west axis is called the Processing Continuum (how we approach a task), and the north-south axis is called the Perception Continuum (our emotional response, or how we think or feel about it).Effective learning is seen when a person progresses through a cycle of four stages: of (1) having a concrete experience followed by (2) observation of and reflection on that experience which leads to (3) the formation of abstract concepts (analysis) and generalizations (conclusions) which are then (4) used to test hypothesis in future situations, resulting in new experiences.Kolb (1974) views learning as an integrated process with each stage being mutually supportive of and feeding into the next.

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It is possible to enter the cycle at any stage and follow it through its logical sequence.

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