Backdating health insurance

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Backdating health insurance

Your health insurance policy must be effective from the date your residence permit comes into force.If the insurance commences with retroactive effect, you will have to pay the premium retroactively.Hi I also had this doubt when I was looking for insurance and was told that I'd be billed since my arrival (March 2015).I finally contacted an agent who handled my insurance and they (Assurance) started charging me just from August 1st, and the SAM didn't complain so...It's been covered on here before and somebody (Odile I believe) contacted the relevant authorities in order to get a definitive answer.It's obligatory to sign up for basic medical insurance within 3 months of arriving in Switzerland but whereas it's perfectly legal for the companies to back date the policy to the first day of the month of arrival it's not illegal for them to start the coverage from when you apply.Hi All This might be a silly question, but I've searched around a bit and can't find anything: I'm new to the country and have been here just over a month.

Health insurers won't bill you for anytime spent in Switzerland before the 'date of entry' which appears on the permit, for example if you actually arrived in August but didn't get around to registering until September and you receive a permit with a September date on, you will only be invoiced from September 1st for health insurance!

Lots of Topics in this Forum which will tell you how and what to do.

I'm with SWICA and very happy with them, as they send all correspondance in English, but they aren't the cheapest. I can put you in contact with my SWICA advisor if you want. Enjoy your time here in Switzerland, as it's a great Country to live in Greetings, Duncan The premiums are changing in January so that may be why it's not showing on Comparis.

Illegal aliens cannot take out health insurance in the Netherlands but will receive any medical care considered necessary by the attending physician.

If they cannot pay for their treatments, they may be eligible for assistance from the Healthcare Institute.

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This is the one time of the year when you can change insurers (up to the end of November) so they're all chasing new business or trying to persuade people to switch over.