Average time spent dating before marriage statistics

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Average time spent dating before marriage statistics

But year 10, Meyer adds, is also when it first becomes prohibitively expensive and emotionally wrenching for couples to divorce, which may figure into this decreased risk.Studies suggest that 20 percent of marriages end within the first five years, and that this number increased by 12 percent within 10 years.As far as we know, scientists have yet to quantify divorce risk based on years married, probably because of many other variables that contribute to a breakup.

Alternatively, this divorce spike may be coming from men and women who maintained a traditional marriage and family at the expense of their own happiness — and finally reached a breaking point.”Most marriages start off with such high levels of quality that it can only change down,” study co-author Larry A.Kurdek, a psychology professor at Wright State University, told the New York Times.“seven-year itch,” a phrase popularized by a 1952 play and, later, film starring Marilyn Monroe.In the 1920s, the average length of a marriage that ended in divorce was 6.6 years.In 1974 it was 7.5 years; in 1990 it was 7.2 years.

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