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Aang assured him that Sokka's moment of glory would be witnessed in the actual fight.This established that both Sokka and Aang finally considered each other as brothers-in-arms.When Aang flew off, Team Avatar separated from the Water Tribe warriors again Sokka strove to be like his father and shared many personality traits with Hakoda; such as brilliant planning, leadership, bravery, inventive ingenuity, and sense of humor.Bato remarked upon this, saying, "You're definitely your father's son", after Sokka laughed at Hakoda's attempt at wit in naming his bomb the "stink and sink", albeit in an unamused tone.She took on such an important role in Sokka's life to the extent where whenever he tried to picture what his mother had looked like, Katara's was the only face that came to mind.However, because of the history they shared and the struggles they had to overcome as children when their mother died and their father went off to fight in the Hundred Year War, the two identified with each other and were very close. When her hands were accidentally burned by Aang, he yelled at him and knocked him down,"I never told anyone this before, but honestly, I'm not sure I can remember what my mother looked like.

The Water Tribe warriors and Team Avatar, excluding Aang, forced Fire Nation soldiers to abandon one of their ships, leaving the others to claim ownership of it.

Sokka reunited with his father at Chameleon Bay, where Hakoda recognized his son as a man.

Sadly, the reunion was cut short when Aang came with news of Katara's capture in Ba Sing Se.

Sokka felt obligated to protect his younger sister as urged by his father before his departure to the Earth Kingdom.

Sokka took this task very seriously and became somewhat overprotective at times.

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He once seriously considered leaving Aang behind in order to meet him at a military rendezvous point, briefly acting on this desire during an argument with him.

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