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It's better for young people who are saying: "Don't call me! "Some people use Line to split the bill when paying for meals. We thought how great it would be if you could send money to friends.

In Japan wiring money from a bank account is a pain.

It's a non-answer answer, which is still a form of communicating. It's hard to know whether it's human or not, male or female, but its expressions could be universally understood. Now Moon and another character, Brown, a bear with no facial expression, and others have become money generators.

It hadn't polled well in surveys with salarymen and young housewives but among high school girls it was a hit. They're in a TV anime, on Lamy pens and Samsung phone chargers and are sold at more than 20 shops in cities from New York to Shanghai.

TOKYO One of the first things you notice in the Tokyo offices of Japanese online messaging service Line is a giant brown cartoon bear sitting in the far corner.

Scattered throughout the meeting rooms and hallways are other human-sized cartoon figures: a pallid guy with yellow hair; a rabbit; an all-white androgynous character; a yellow chick.

By October 2011 we had added two new functions: one was the virtual stickers with characters; the other was free calls.Oddly, you can't use Line in China but these characters are very popular there. Users send a lot of stickers -- 400 million a day, on average. Then we thought: what about Disney characters and Japanese anime [series] "Doraemon." So we started selling these. Users liked free stickers and didn't notice that what they were seeing was an ad. E-commerce retailer Rakuten invented the Rakuten Panda for Line stickers -- and now it's famous. Our services are all in the app, so many people use them without realizing. People are now more likely to access the internet with an app than a browser. In Japan delivery companies have struggled with redelivering packages to homes because people are out during the day.Over a short period they have become famous and it's become a significant business on its own. Not many chat services have figured out how to do this. Then we had another idea: What if companies paid to offer their characters free of charge? It's an ad that's great for brands and acceptable to users. The companies drop a notice into the mailbox but nobody looks at these; young people aren't using email much so that doesn't work.About the same time we advertised on TV, Apple released its i Phone 4s, and excellent phones using Google's Android software came out.Suddenly smartphones went from being 10% of Japan's mobile market to about 30%.

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Today, some 71 million people in Japan -- about half of the country's mobile phone users -- and roughly 130 million others overseas use Line.

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