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Even though they became more than friends sometime in 2010, they continued to pretend that things were platonic until they were caught sharing a New Year’s Eve kiss on a boat in 2010.2 The 18-year-old actress turned singer and the 16-year-old singer made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in wore a purity ring that her father bought for her. While she initially planned to keep her promise to wait until marriage for sex, as she got older and started dating the “Baby” singer, she realized that she no longer wanted to wait, so she took it off.“I didn’t think I was doing anything bad by falling in love,” she told 4 In 2011, a Bieber fan by the name of Mariah Yeater came forward claiming that she had a seedy liaison with the singer backstage at one of his concerts.Britton's love interest was Adam Driver, star of Girls and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had one of the most tempestuous relationships in young Hollywood.path_params={"slug":"friday-night-lights","id":"2495719145"}&post_id=2495719145&site_id=17425798&resource_id=pp_2495719145&mode=full', deps = ['underscore', 'jquery', 'backbone', 'utils/settings_methods', 'settings'], user Logged In = false; deps.push(user Logged In ? user Settings : JSON.parse(user Settings); user Settings.parent_site && (Settings.submissions Sites = []); user Settings.base_ssl_domain = 'https:// Settings = $.extend(true, Settings, user Settings

He denied the claims, going so far as to claim that he never even met the woman.

Her character on Nashville, Rayna Jaymes, is never even half single. But the hilarious woman behind these characters is nothing like them.

Britton is currently single and personally, I think she might be too busy for a serious relationship — and not just with being so awesome all the time. However, her dating life was brought back into the spotlight while talking about, of all things, her kid! Britton spoke to Us Weekly about dating younger men and said, “I don’t have a policy about that.

Just as Tolentino and her co-stars did on reality TV, we are all, in subtle ways, participating in a larger culture of performance.

The fallout of the Jason Street injury isn’t a pretty sight; although the community can pray together, our characters deal with it in different ways.

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She wore a red, floor-length Dolce & Gabana gown and he wore a black Dolce & Gabana suit with a red hanky in his pocket that complemented his better half’s dress.

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