Airline pilots and dating Online non video text sex chat

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Airline pilots and dating

My mom is very independent..took care of the day-to-day stuff like raising my sister and I (while also working full time), and left the big stuff for when my dad was home and they could tackle that stuff together. I had my own career, my own house, and was heavily involved in hobbies.

I definitely had my own stuff to do that I was used to doing, and wasn't at home pining away after him.

But when looking for a serious relationship, my job makes it very hard to find someone, and sometimes this makes me feel sad.

I love my job, I love flying and I love travelling.

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Good morning folks I am completely new to this but it looks like a great place to discuss aviation-related topics, and I hope my thread fits in here.

Well that was a huge disappointment for me back then, and I even was thinking about looking for a different carrer, but looking back, I am glad I did not. Still, doing long haul flights, I have issues establishing a serious relationship with a long-term perspective.

But I'm really curious how you handle this aspect of being a pilot.

Sometimes I just have moments where it makes me think, and yes, I have to admit that it makes me sad every once in a while. My dad was an airline pilot, and he started with the airlines shortly after getting married...parents were married 40 years, and really the biggest adjustment came when he stopped flying and suddenly was home all the time.

It's definitely doable, but it takes a certain type of person who understands the lifestyle and is comfortable with it. ive gone through 3 failed relationships trying to find someone who could adapt to the lifestyle, and yet i know many pilots who have been married 20 years with little to no issue. I dated an airline pilot prior to my starting to fly, and while we didn't work out, it wasn't because of his job. I'll agree with the poster who said that finding someone who is very independent is important.

Are you a single pilot due to have no time and looking for your partner?

Or you have no idea to find a serious relationship with a pilot.

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We have managed to build a whole community of people into pilot dating, and it keeps growing and growing.

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