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Let's state the obvious, first: i Chat has the market cornered for AIM videoconferencing.Honestly, if you're on a Mac and you have an AIM account, you're most likely going to use i Chat to take care of that.It is integrated better with the OS, it operates perfectly fine and, yeah, it has video.What i Chat doesn't do, however, is merge the AIM and Facebook contacts as nicely as this.

You will be able to video chat via AIM as well (but not in a group chat) and exchange messages via Facebook Chat and Google Talk users, in addition to the standard AIM service.Another thing that this software does is allow you to login to your ICQ account -- a beautiful feature considering that ICQ for Mac hasn't been updated in seven years.It's not perfect, but it does make an entirely passable alternative ICQ client.But they did bother to make something, and they released it and they continue to update it regularly.As someone who got used to fighting with old and outdated pieces of Mac software because of lack of support, I see this at least as a good start.

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As of now the app downloaded from the web site is Version (505).