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I would love to meet a woman in a similar situation (Actually, I would love to meet a Fern Britton type with own house and car who lived on her own but I cant see that happening...(more) ...

I have a great family, wonderful friends and a golden labrador called Bingo who makes me laugh cos he's just bonkers..more can a girl ask for! very long and extended consutancy stint in the Russian Federation.

My real birthyear is not available up top so I'm going to shock you now- it's '32, but I look, feel and act a lot younger.

My ideal partner would be youngish in outlook (although I've got nothing against granma's - I am not the grandpa type for one), I still work as a Road Transport Consultant, like to travel, go on short foreign assignments (to some my partner could accompany me) laugh a lot, don't ...(more) ... I moved in with my girlfriend about a year ago and quickly found it was not for me,should have stayed living on my own!

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