1920s etiquette dating

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1920s etiquette dating

The years between World War I and the Great Depression known as the "Roaring Twenties." Marked by an economic boom that enticed young people to move into the cities and live independently, the 1920s redefined the social values of the younger generations.As young adults rebelled against strict, Victorian era moral codes, the interaction between the sexes dramatically changed.By the 1920s, many young people left home to live -- and date -- independently in the city.

During this time, the term "date" was in fact associated with the direct economic exchange of prostitution.

Still, these relationships often led to exclusive relationships that later resulted in engagement and marriage.

As many abandoned the idea that marriage was life's ultimate goal, marriages took place later and divorce rates increased.

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It was during the '20s that the term "dating" was coined by young singles who were interested in relationships that were defined differently.